Dog Friendly Canal Holidays


Bringing your pets on holiday

Chas Hardern Boats makes no charge for your house trained and well behaved pets.


pet friendly narrowboatMany people opt to bring their dog on a canal boat holiday instead of putting them into kennels and for the most part the dogs adapt well and thoroughly enjoy it.

There is ample opportunity for walking on the towpath and with your boat going no faster than 4mph you can often walk alongside for miles.

Please do take note of the following points:

* You must bring all your dogs bedding, food and water bowls.  Do not forget to also include a ‘poop scoop’ and/or doggie bags and of course a dog lead.  If they are used to a cage you are welcome to bring that as well.

pet friendly canal holidayDogs are not allowed on the seats or beds.

* Ensure that you have a collar with your mobile number or borrow a dog tag  from us with our number on it. Mobile reception can be poor in some areas.

*  Make sure that you know who is responsible for the dog whilst cruising and that they will keep your pet on a lead around locks and whilst crew are getting on or off the boat.

* Some breeds will want to get into the water more than others! Spaniels and Labradors especially seem to like getting wet. Please do not wash your dog inside the boat or in the shower. There is a bucket on the boat so this can be done on the bank. Bring some old towels for drying paws and wet dogs.

dog friendly* Very occasionally some dogs find it all too overwhelming. If you have a dog that is very nervous, or several young children and a puppy you may find a kennels a better option (For the dog that is!)

* A lot of pubs will welcome dogs but please do check first especially if you are having a meal and want your dog with you.

* We do not supply life jackets for dogs but you can purchase one at   with prices ranging from approx £20 to £60.


Cats live their own lives!  It is not recommended that you bring your cat unless it is used to being inside all the time, kept in a cage  and using a litter tray. Cats can easily abscond unnoticed if doors and windows are open and once on land can disappear for good. They can find the engine noise and boat movement upsetting and are usually best left at home.

dog canal boatOther Pets

You can bring Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and birds with small outdoor cages but bear in mind these can be vulnerable to other peoples dogs as they are not allowed in the boat.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

All the dogs pictured on this page were with previous happy customers.

Please Remember

Chas Hardern Boats is not responsible for any accident or injury to your pets or any that they may cause. Do make sure you have pet insurance cover as you will be responsible for any damage they may cause to your holiday boat, the general public or local livestock.

Some of our happy dog customers!